A Coffee Story

My love of coffee started at a very young age.

At the age of 3, I followed behind my Mother chugging her long forgotten sweetened condensed cream coffee. Like it was the best new dessert a kid could ever have. Not knowing or understanding what coffee was, I knew immediately that I loved the taste and sought it out wherever I could.

At the time, I didn’t realize what I was drinking was actually Chicory. My Parents were very poor with only $2.00 a week to spare for luxury items. Which is the main reason their coffee was heavily laced with sugar and condensed milk. In the 1970’s, $2.00 could buy a tin of chicory and 4 tins of condensed milk. As we grew older my parents hard work paid off and by the time I was in my early teens – real coffee made its entrance. The taste sent me to the moon. Technically, I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee as a 13 year old but I snuck what I could when no one was looking. My parents stove top Moka Pot working hard. Something that I still own and use on camping trips a top of a open fire.

By the time I reached my 20’s I already had a discerning taste for coffee. Employed at a popular café for quite a few years, I was trained as a barista. Working the ‘ins & outs’ of a scary pressurized piece of equipment, I quickly became known for the best Cappuccino foam this side of Italy. Developed a snobbery for the best roasted beans to the point I had 4 pounds shipped every month to Switzerland when I lived there for a year.

Coffee In Bremen

On my return to Canada I developed a peculiar habit of collecting different Espresso machines, French press and stove top espresso machines and Moka Pots. Coffee is one thing… the delivery is quite another. Both working in tandem to produce the best coffee ever. I continued to travel the world but now I was studying closely how each culture served their coffee. Tasting along the way I started to pick up on the roasting differentials from the different beans to the roast length. About 20 years ago I started experimenting at home with small home roasting units. Borrowed from friends because they were very expensive. Then came along a friend who owned her own roasting company, that showed me the ropes. From there County Rd Coffee was launched.

We started by roasting in small batches to produce fantastic coffee for sale in the County Rd Coffee Travelling Bar. Ordering green beans in a Co-operative with my friend and a few others. We brought coffee beans into Ontario by the container from Plantations we have relationships with. Knowing exactly their source and in support of small farmers, we roasted coffee that we were not only proud of but was hand picked, Fairtrade and Sustainable.

Set up in Farmers Markets, clients loved (so much) the fresh made espresso based coffee drinks that we made, that regular requests for the freshly roasted beans came every day. Each week we started to roast for the Espresso Bar, as well as, pre-ordered pound bags of coffee beans. The demand became too great for our little roaster and we were continually falling behind.

This is how County Rd Coffee Roastery came about. We ordered the equipment, rented out the space and set up for boutique- small batch roasting but on a larger scale. Now we offer online ordering of both your Green Bean needs and weekly roasted Beans.

Simply go to our Shop to view our selections. Each with tasting notes and growing specifics. Our special blends that are loved by our Travelling Coffee Bar guests are also available. Every time you purchase online, we roast for your delivery. We can simply ship directly to your home or bring with us to the market for pick up.

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