• Onan Ganjang – Onan Ganjang is a locality in North Sumatra within the greater “Lintong” or Tapanuli growing area. It is also used as the name of a local cultivar from the area Onan Ganjang. The coffee has unique characteristics but the original heredity of the plant is not known. It is a pure arabica (not Catimor or Hibrido de Timor/Robusta in origin) and has some Bourbon and Typica-like features.
  • Orange Bourbon – A variation of Bourbon that ripens to an orange color. While the cup quality is excellent, the added challenge to harvest ripe cherries is daunting. (With red bourbon, determining ripe color is easier for the pickers). Found mainly in El Salvador. See Bourbon for the full definition.
  • Organic – Organic coffee has been grown according to organic farming techniques, typically without the use of artificial fertilizers. Some farms have more local Organic Certification than the more well-known USDA Organic branding. In the US, when the “organic” label is used, it means (or it should mean) that the coffee is certified organic. There are plenty of areas where farmers are too poor to afford pesticides and so use other non-chemical methods to manage production and pests, but alas, they are also too poor to afford organic certification. In areas where coffee is handled many times between the farmer and the mill, and hence the exact location of its production is not known, organic certification is unavailable.
  • Organoleptic – Organoleptic refers to any sensory properties of, in this case, the coffee beverage. It involves flavor, color, odor and mouthfeel. Organoleptic testing involves inspection through visual examination, smelling and tasting. In coffee we call this form of sensory analysis “Cupping”.
  • Origin – In coffee talk, it refers to a coffee-producing region or country; such as, “I was just at origin.”
  • Origin Flavor – Origin Flavor is a term we started to use in distinction to “Roast Taste”. Origin flavors (from specific fruit, berry, floral, herbal, confectionary, food-like, etc.) are broader in scope that roast-derived notes. Roast flavors are often described as sweet to bittersweet, caramel to chocolate to burnt, and might be found across coffee growing regions. These are conceptually useful, but we acknowledge they are flawed distinctions since the compounds that form “roast taste” flavors are inextricably linked to the compounds that result in the “origin” flavors. But to describe the way that dark roast tastes eclipse origin distinctness of coffee, it is useful. The term “Origin Distinctness” is a related concept, as well as Cultivar Flavor.
  • Outturn – An outturn is a term used in East Africa to describe a dry mill “batch” from a particular estate or coop. Each Outturn will be separated into AA, AB, Peaberry and other lower grades.